The price of perfume has climbed well over 25% in the last 10 years. Whether it’s simple inflation, or the popularity of certain brands and their greediness to make extra money when they can, it has become much more difficult for the middle class to afford the little things like perfume. So when you want to look good AND smell great, you’ve got to turn to unorthodox resources to get the price that you can afford on your favorite brands. There are several tactics to finding cheap perfume, and the best shoppers have no trouble finding great prices all around them. Here are a few tricks that several customers have shared with us.

Ditch Department Stores

Cheap perfume doesn’t exist in department stores. In fact, if you’re headed to your local Macy’s or JCPenney, you’ll find that you’re going to pay as much as 40% more for perfume than you would anywhere else. Big department store names sell perfume for the price they do because they can. While there are people who are willing to pay that much, you can be smarter than that when it’s time to find cheap perfume.

Lose the Freebies

Free bags, sunglasses, t-shirts, and everything else that comes with perfume is a ploy for you to purchase perfume at top dollar. Companies pay pennies for those freebies that are offered to you. Also, those goodies are going to last you about 3 weeks, as they’re made from cheap quality materials. If you see offers for free stuff, make sure to walk away and opt for a cheaper alternative.

Stay Online

Find out what you want wherever you want. Whether you consult friends, or just browse scents in the department store, once you’ve got what you want in mind, it’s time to move to the one place to find cheap perfume…online. The internet is loaded with great deals for you to grab at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s free shipping or a holiday sale, there’s no reason you can’t find cheap perfume online.

Knockoffs are OK.

If you’re looking to get really cheap perfume, remember that the knockoffs do work. They might not smell exactly the same, or they may not hang around as long, but cheap perfume is readily available from companies that compare themselves to big brand names, and you don’t need to lose out on money just to smell good. Feel free to look for knockoffs and save as much as 80% on the smell that you’re looking for.

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