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Top Fragrances

Top Fragrances

Sometimes, it’s tough to make a decision on which fragrance is right for you. It’s not uncommon for your taste in how you smell to be different from the preference of others. So when you don’t know where to start, don’t be so quick to head to your local department store. Department store salespeople work to make the sales that are going to make the business the most money. It’s for that reason that their advice is usually unreliable and could leave you with a less than satisfactory product. Rather than trying to make the decision by yourself, here are some of the top fragrances as chosen by consumers just like you.

CK One

Not only has CK One been one of the top-selling fragrances, but it is often considered a staple within the world of smelling good. The moment CK One hit the shelves, people around the world were jumping at it. More than a decade later is still remains one of the top fragrances in the world.

Elizabeth Taylor

Sure, her status at a celebrity may slowly be fading, but her perfume for women has been anything but. As one of the top-selling fragrances for several years, Elizabeth Taylor has please millions of women around the world with its exotic combination of scents.

Nautica Blue

Not only does it make our list of top-selling fragrances, but Nautica Blue is one of the most affordable men’s colognes on the market today. Its easy-going price is appealing and its scent is even more appealing to women. There’s nothing more appealing than these two factors put together.

Can Can by Paris Hilton

Sometimes, all it takes is a celebrity name and a great smelling scent to make the list of top-selling fragrances. Paris Hilton wasn’t the most successful DJ in the world, but her perfume Can Can by Paris Hilton is certainly a big hit. It’s one of the first products that she actually stood behind, at which point it took off in sales.
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