One of the biggest drawbacks about buying perfume is that you’ll never find it at a good price if you’re looking department stores. From mall to mall, the price of perfume is only going up, and from the looks of the market these days, that trend is going to continue for years to come. If you’re like most of the middle class, you often have a hard time finding discount perfume when you shop locally. So if you know what you’re looking for and the brand or style that appeals to you isn’t available for cheap in your local brick and mortar store, go ahead and give a few of these places a try to find discount perfume.


Sure, Ebay is often touted as a supermarket for people to auction off their used products, but did you know that several thousand retailers have a presence on Ebay? Not only can you find brand new, legitimate brand name products on Ebay, but you’ll usually find them at discount prices, along with free shipping. In several cases, retailers use Ebay to offload their overstocked products, which ends up being a win-win situation for both the seller and the buyer.


Amazon features retailers much in the same way that Ebay does, but Amazon works diligently to make sure that their sellers are legit, hard-working retailers, simply out to make a few dollars on their products. Additionally, when Amazon can, they stock products themselves, and use a complicated algorithm that makes sure that they have a lower price than any other dealer out there. Shop away for discount perfume on Amazon, and you’ll most likely save several dollars.

Small Retailers

It’s often difficult for the little guy to compete with big name competition, but they can usually offer you better savings than most, simply because they’re looking to turn over product and make money. Digging a little deeper than the first page of Google search results will usually land you some pretty steep savings on discount perfume. While some retailers are selling knockoff product, a few review searches will reveal which retailers sell legitimate product to their customers, which helps you determine who to go with when looking for discount perfume.

Saving money by looking for discount perfume isn’t about a quick search, but rather about doing your homework before you buy. It doesn’t take much research to find a better price, but if you take the time to do so, you could find yourself saving as much as 40% on your favorite perfume brands.

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