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Finding the right perfume scent is like finding the perfect top to go with those jeans you just bought. Like your clothes shopping, you’ll spend hours trying to find just the right scent for your body. Not only do you hope to find just the right fragrance, but also the right smell. If the fragrance smells good on you, you have high hopes that others will like it as well. If you’re opting to shop online for the perfect perfume scent, there are plenty of ways to find out how well it’s going to work for you before you go buying something that you’re unsure about. Here are some of the ways our shoppers go about finding the perfect perfume scent before buying online.

Go For The Lists

There are always lists you can look for online that will give you the best-selling perfume scent out there. These are important because it’s not some salesperson trying to push the product in your face that they’ve been told to sell, but rather the actual thoughts of people who purchase these products and use them because they want to. Some perfume sites will also let you sort product listings be best-selling, so you don’t need to consult a list before you go shopping online.

Ask the Guys

Perfume Scent

Every guy has a perfume that drives him nuts when women wear it. While they most likely won’t know what brand it is or where to get it, you may come across the opportunity where the guys are nearby the ones that they enjoy. At that point, you can start a conversation with another woman and make a new friendship, all while figuring out what Perfume by the scent she is wearing and where to get it.

Check the Department Store

Just because you’re not willing to pay department store prices (nor should you!), doesn’t mean that you can’t do your shopping there. Get a first-hand idea of how the perfume scents you’re interested in smell before you go buying perfumes online. You might have a persistent salesperson helping you out, but the decision to buy is ultimately yours, and since you can find almost any product in a department store online for a much lower price, there’s no reason to buy from them.

Shopping online for the best perfume scent is easy when you know how to pick out the product you want. The only decision you’ll have left is to decide how much you want to save against department store prices.

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