The use of perfume and cologne is ubiquitous, and everybody goes perfume shopping at least once in the life time. However, many people spend their time wandering about the perfume shop without any clue of what to do. If you want to shop for perfume like a professional, then take a look at a few of these tips.

When to Look for Perfumes

The best time to sample perfumes is from mid-afternoon to dusk. This is because the scent of perfumes is more potent at this time and you will be able to smell them better. Also look out for when the perfume shop is offering a sale or discount. The shop will offer several different lines of perfumes each month, and you will have a better chance and finding one you like for excellent prices.

How to Look for Perfumes

Most perfume shops have a can of coffee beans on the front counter. The moment you enter the shop, take a whiff of the can. It will freshen up your senses and get you ready for perfume sampling. Go back to the can after every perfume sample, in order to cleanse the nostrils of the previous smell.

Another important thing to look for is sample cards. Most likely, the perfume shop you are visiting will have some available for usage. Using them to test for fragrances is better than placing it on your wrist or skin for several reasons. First of all, placing the perfume on the skin can change the scent, especially if it intermingles with the sweat on your body. You may smell a scent completely different than what the perfume usually smells like. Another reason is because placing it on the skin could cause an allergic reaction. Even if you are not prone to allergies to perfume, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Finally, test perfumes over a period of one hour rather than buying it immediately after sampling. This is because the nature of the perfume scent changes over time. The initial smell is different from the smell 15 minutes after spraying, and both scents are different from the smell the perfume gives off after an hour. If you are still pleased with the smell after an hour, then the perfume is the one to keep. 

Visiting a perfume shop and looking for perfumes doesn’t have to be a hassle. With a little bit of wisdom and discernment, you too can find and purchase perfumes like a connoisseur.

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