Chanel #5 Taps Brad Pitt to Expound on the Scent of a Woman


Brad Pitt is breaking new ground as the first male spokesperson to ever represent its trademark Chanel No. 5 fragrance. Pitt follows a lineage of famous female beauties that have graced the company’s advertising campaigns over the years. They include Catherine Deneuve, Ali McGraw, Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Hutton and Nicole Kidman, to name a few. The understated video depicts a pensive Pitt with his black and white image juxtaposed next to a full color rendition of the classic fragrance.

According to the company, the alluring ads are designed to capture a sense of longing and the product is positioned as an object of desire from the male perspective. The video portrays Pitt, waxing poetic about desire expressed in a fragrance. The video was directed by Joe Wright, who is best known for his filming of “Anna Karenina”. The video and print campaign is supported by a microsite that chronicles the rich history of the company and its founder, Coco Chanel.

Word is that Mr. Pitt came out of the deal smelling like roses with a compensation package exceeding $7 million.  Chanel classic #5 fragrances have long perfected the art of mass marketing perfume without losing its exclusive allure to women throughout the world. The new ad is in keeping with Chanel’s advertising genre of weaving the celebrity’s persona into the product’s well- honed image exemplifying the epitome of elegance.    

The high end perfume industry is enjoying resurgence as women have flocked to luxury niche markets ranging from accessories and clothing to automobiles. Merchandizers have caught on as the trend in items that make women feel special is appealing to those who desire exclusive products that make them feel more feminine and self-expressive.

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