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Fragrance or Perfume  is a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents used to give the human body, animals, food, objects, and living spaces "a pleasant scent’’. A wonderful smell, alight fragrance, how do you choose? When looking for a new perfume, know that it will not smell the same on you as it does in the bottle or test strip. Perfume will react with your body chemistry to create a scent that is completely unique to you. Perfume can be expensive and it is important that you are patient when choosing a scent. It may even take longer than a day to find your perfect perfume. Perfumes have been known to exist in some of the earliest human civilizations, either through ancient texts or from archaeological digs. Modern perfumery began in the late 19th century with the commercial synthesis of aroma compounds such as vanillin or coumarin,which allowed for the composition of perfumes with smells previously unattainable solely from natural aromatics alone.

The conventional application of pure Fragrance in Western cultures is at pulse points, such as behind the ears, the nape of the neck, and the insides of wrists, elbows and knees, so that the pulse point will warm the perfume and release fragrance continually. The modern perfume industry encourages the practice of layering fragrance so that it is released in different intensities depending upon the time of the day. Lightly scented products such as bath oil, shower gel, and body lotion are recommended for the morning; eau de toilette is suggested for the afternoon; and perfume applied to the pulse points for evening. Cologne fragrance is released rapidly, lasting around 2 hours. Eau de toilette lasts from 2 to 4 hours, while perfume may last up to six hours. A variety of factors can influence how fragrance interacts with the wearer's own physiology and affect the perception of the fragrance. Diet is one factor, as eating spicy and fatty foods can increase the intensity of a fragrance. The use of medications can also impact the character of a fragrance. The relative dryness of the wearer's skin is important, since dry skin will not hold fragrance as long as skin with more oil.

To find a good Fragrance Apply the perfume to pulse points when attempting to make a select. Pulse points actually radiate warmth because they are where blood vessels are closest to the surface of the skin. After waiting ten minutes to allow the scent to develop the Fragrance to a pulse point, scents can actually take hours to develop. Smell the perfume on skin repeatedly, throughout the day. If you enjoy the scent each time that you test it, you may have found the right perfume. Refrain from trying more than two perfumes at a time. You will not be able to differentiate the scents and make the proper choice. Consider the weather that you live in when choosing a perfume. Humid temperatures will intensify the perfume. Choose a lighter scent if you live in a humid climate. The scent of Fragrance will not last as long if you have dry skin. The scent actually clings to oils in the skin and will fade quickly if your skin is fairly dry. If you do have dry skin, consider a perfume with a musk or sandalwood fragrance. These bases tend to last longer

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