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Purchasing affordable fragrances can be a difficult task at best; however, there are some well known stores that sell their fragrances on-line at a more affordable price than you would find in a retail store.  The affordable prices come from the fact that the on-line stores do not have to be brick and mortar stores.  With a large warehouse fragrances can be purchased in bulk and stored in the warehouse thus passing on the savings to the consumer.

Ask if testers can be purchased.  In most cases both retail stores and on-line stores will sell you one of their testers.   These testers are the actual perfume the only difference is that the bottle is smaller and they do not come with the fancy packaging.  Testers are great for those who are looking to try a new perfume.


When purchasing your fragrances on-line, do take heed to ‘free shipping’ as nothing in this world is for free.  Usually the shipping price is included in with the cost of the fragrance however make sure you read the fine print and do the match to make sure you are getting the best deal for your purchase.

Which fragrance should you choose?  Well, it all depends on if you wish for a fragrance that will last all day or one that is light and airy and will dissipate after a couple of hours.


Fragrance refers to the scent of the perfume while perfume is the actual product.  The fragrances are certain concentrations of essentials oils that compromise the perfume.  In Fragrances, perfume is the strongest, then eau de parfum and eau de toilette which is the lightest fragrance lasting for a couple of hours.

Do make sure when you are purchasing your perfume you are not paying for imitations.  Imitation fragrances are a big business making millions of dollars each year.  Your perfume should look clear in the bottle.  There should be no separation of the essential oils and above all the fragrance should be clean and not sour smelling.  The price will tip you off as well.  If you are expecting to purchase Calvin Klein Obsession the affordable price would be $45.00 instead of the retail price of $70. You want to steer clear of prices that are lower than $20 as you will most likely end up with an imitation.

b2ap3_thumbnail_calvin_klein_cologne_buyonlinefragrances.jpgSearch the internet, there are many reliable affordable fragrance stores on-line.  Purchase testers in retail outlets instead of the entire bottle.  Explain to the sales person at the retail store you would rather purchase a tester to see if your loved one likes the fragrance you picked out.  Some stores give out commissions to their sales people so they do not like to sell the tester as that is less commission that they will receive.  However, trust me; testers are available for purchase in any high end retail store.  Besides, if it is a new fragrance that you are purchasing for someone you won’t be stuck with a $100.00 bottle of perfume that is not liked and can’t be returned.  Fragrances smell different on everyone as it depends on the person’s chemical makeup.

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