Paying the Price

Paying the Price

b2ap3_thumbnail_paying_the_price_perfumes_buyonlinefragrances.jpgHave you ever been approached by someone at the mall who invites you over to their car which is stuffed with boxes of perfume. They then proceed to tell you how you can buy name brand perfume at a fraction of the cost. While these brands certainly look real, a closer look tells you they aren’t. The idea of buying perfume for $5.00 per box could seem tempting, but there’s a big risk that you take when buying cheap perfume, and there are several reasons why you should always go with quality perfume over cheap perfume options. We can assure you that saving the money will inevitably cost you more.

The Sweet Smell Goes Away Fast

Quality perfume generally costs more than cheap perfume because of the components that it’s made of. There are specific ingredients in perfume that are designed to help maintain the smell for as long as possible. When you don’t go with quality perfume over cheap perfume, you’ll find that the knockoff smell goes away quite quickly. In some cases, cheap versions of perfume only last several minutes.

It Doesn’t Smell the Same

When you’re in the moment, a salesperson with cheap knockoffs could be quite persuasive. At first smell, knockoffs and cheap perfume might smell like the real thing, but if you took them home and did a side by side comparison, you’d find an extreme difference. What’s more, is that when you finally got the real thing and the fake thing side by side, you’d notice that the cheap stuff also smells quite foul compared to real quality perfume.

It Ages too Quickly

Believe it or not, quality perfume has an expiration date, and after that its odor can go bad quite quickly. When you choose quality perfume over cheap perfume, you get an odor that’s going to last a lot longer. Quality perfume is made with special preservatives that hold onto the pleasant odor of a specific perfume. To save money, cheap perfume knockoffs usually bypass the preservatives. Even if they smell good at first, it could only be a matter of weeks before your knockoff perfume goes sour and is no longer usable.

So before you try to save more than you can by shopping online for quality perfume over cheap perfume, make sure you’re getting the real thing. Settling for less than legitimate products manufactured by the real manufacturer could end up having you spend a lot more than you bargained for. 

The Fragrance Myth
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